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The Advanced Search is a very powerful tool to search millions of vehicles instantly. This tool allows you to search for specific years, makes, and models within specific states and counties. The Advanced Search allows for many different ways to search for a vehicle. For example, you could search Texas for all Ford Expeditions without defining the year of the vehicle.

Keyword searching "in addition" or by "itself" is very powerful tool. For example, searching for only the keyword 300 will return all Chrysler 300 vehicles. However you could search 2007 thru 2010 with the same keyword this would result in limiting to only the 300 that meet the year criteria. Again adding another filter to a specific state would yield all Chrysler 300 vehicles between the years in a specific state.

Include Dealership Name:
Click the check box next to "Include Dealership Name" then type: Bobs Fine Autos in the Keyword will yield all the vehicles listed by Bobs Fine Autos. However we recommend using an additional filter "State" as there may be several Bobs Fine Autos located throughout the entire USA.

Postings With Images:
Performing a search with this option selected will limit your search results to only listing with images. Be careful when selecting this as an option. Dealerships buy and sell millions of vehicles every day. It may take a day or two for the images to reach You might miss a bargain.

There are only two rules: To search a model you must select a make. To search counties within a state you must first select a state.